Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Morning Coffee ride

Woke up this morning, almost late, for the first Saturday coffee ride from Chesnee, SC to Forest City, NC. The ride is an old route that used to be a staple of the upstate for a while. I can remember doing it back before I raced, and before I drank coffee, but it died out. Well, Dennis resurected it this Saturday, and a small group of us got up early in the chilly morning air to ride to the stop.
I drove up to Jae's early, left the house at 6:30am. Looking at the temp the day before, I packed the shoe covers, arm warmers, and vest. I am glad I did, when we started it was 48 degrees. We left from Jae's picked up Scottie on the way, and rolled on over. Dennis and Rick were already there, Michael soon showed up, Joey shortly after. This was the crew. We rolled out thru Harris past the race track, cutting some back roads, all the while trying our best to warm up. It finally started picking up temp, and speed, and we were soon unzipping the vest. There were some good pulls, nothing crazy on the way in.
Forest City is a small town, not unlike many other small towns in our area, not much to talk about, yard sales were the name of the game this morning. We all sat to grab our favorite caffienated fare and a little jabbing at each other. We laughed and joked, talked about the lates cycling news, and how ESPN will televise the world Domino championship, but the only time cycling gets on TV is when someone is doping, and we had plenty of that news this week. My wife mentioned to me that she had saw a chart of doping in sport, and cycling was not even at the top, and that boxing was actually up there pretty high. Funny we never read about that, we always see who the next cycling dope(r) is, but rarely see the big sports stars, until they are completely finished with their careers and then, people still pack the stadiums.
On the way back, the weather was a lot nicer as we made our way back in. Nothing fancy. The ride ended up being a little over 60 miles, which is good for this time of year, when, unless you are racing cross, you are basically in chill mode, which is good.
Oh yeah, on the way in, the cycling fairies shined on me. Found $49 dollars on the side of the road!! It was a good day!


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