Saturday, August 28, 2010

Round #2 Friday Night Fights-Go down Swinging!

When this series was named, I envisioned a figurative duking out for the races. Last night did not dissappoint. With anticipations high from the first round of FNF, we were sitting on the edges of our seats hoping the haymakers would be thrown and some good racing would come out of it.
I felt much better this time, things were more relaxed. The pre-reg numbers were up, so logic dictates that the participant turn out would be better. Logic did not lie. We double the participation from the first round, with the Cat4/5 field tripling in size from round one, These guys wanted to fight.
Things kicked off thirty minutes later than last time, which meant racing was going to depend on daylight. City Council had swearing in and those are the people that TwoUpSports has to keep on our side to continue to grow the races into a series that people come to year after year.
On recommendation from some of the racers last round, the start finish line was moved up to the Wachovia bank parking lot, which meant turn four was key and a good strong push was going to be needed to be first across the line.
Cat 4/5 Recap: The first racer were chomping at the bit to get started, so when 6:30 came, they went. Todd Terry got off the front by himself to snatch up a prime, and give it a go, but the field was not having. Everything came down to a sprint finish where David Keesler-Caroina Flyers just edged out Alex Harril for the win. Samuel Velo was third with Peter Mathern and Brian Kaden rounding out the top five.
Masters 35+: As soon as the Cat 4/5 field was finished, the Masters 35+ field was off! Last round Pro 1-2 winner Chris Harkey came down early and decided to contest two categories on Round 2, so the racing in the Masters field was hot and heavy. Punches were thrown, primes were won, but in the end, a late move by Chris Harkey-Subaru/Gary Fisher sealed the deal. Chris built up a substantial lead on teh pack finishing ahead solo for the win. The field though, did not let that discourage them from trying to rip each others legs off in the sprint. Eric Christopherson-Metro Reprograhics and Steve Sperry-Globalbike, went to the mat with the sprint with Eric taking second place with Steve just behind. Greenvilles own Cleve Blackwell-Team Ion Sports/United Healthcare taking fourth and Matt Tebbetts-POA Cycling taking fifth.
Main Event-Pro 1-2-3: Once again as soon as one race was over, the guys lined up to race again. This was going to be good. With the highest priced primes of the night, and a field that held some heavy hitters, this was going to be a good race. The guys did not dissappoint. Early on moves went but would get pulled back. The first move to really get some steam was Nick Fishbein-Subaru/Gary Fisher, taking off to grab a prime. He kept the steam rolling, and was joined by Isaac Enderline after Isaac put in an attack that will soon have the D.O.T. out to check the condition of the road surface..Rip It! is an understatment. The two joined forces, but the pack was hungry and they were soon pulled back. Demaine Cyclings Julian Cabra and Adan Escabar both put in majors punches to try and shake things up, but both were brought back. Things started to get interesting when the group split, the front group carrying some of the major hitters and the chase group trying to pull back. In the end, Chris Harkey put in a move to grab the $75 gamblers prime, and that move sealed the deal. Chris kept the motor rolling the wheels turning to take his second win of the night ahead of the pack. Marc Velo was second, with early breakman Nick Fishbein taking third. Rounding out the top ten were:
Isaac Enderline-Atlantic Velo-Virginia
Julian Cabra-Demaine Cycling
Adam Britton-Team Ville
Richard Bailey-Team Ville
Peter Kay-Team Globalbike
Simon Bennet
Adan Escobar-Demaine Cycling.

I hope all who came out enjoyed the racing, keep your eyes open for next season schedule.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Burkes Garden Update

As we posted last week, TwoUpSports, headed out last Friday to go to Virginia. Stopping on the way to meet up with long time compadre Chris Harkey, we set out for Scottie's house where we were to stay that night and be ready for the next day's festivites.
John Delong was going to be at Scottie's as well, so I knew that the laughs and acting up was going to mean that we would probably get in the bed late, but no worries, we were going to have a blast.
Next morning did come early. Scottie was up early, and had a mean brew of Java ready for those who partake. We all say numb from a couple hours less of sleep, but ready none the less. We started talking about the ride, and that got us all hyped up. One the way to the start, the fog was thick, eerie. We passed the time with crazy smart phone antics. Once at the start, we all kitted up and pinned on the number.
Burkes Garden is a gladiator style century. This means that you pay, get your number, and then take off, un-supported! The official route that the record is recorded on is from the Narrows town line, but you start from the parking lot, so the route ends up being 103!
We rolled out fast. averaging over 25 for the first half. Things started to thin out, and once we hit the main climb, it thinned that much more. Up and over the top, this is where the ride gets it's name. You roll into what looks like a large crater. Someone decided to light a torch, I am not naming names, but it was someone in our immediate four! I was tongue hanging hurt. I was ready to get back to the climb, just to recover. And so we did. By this time, it was the four of us, and we were making good time. The record was in dire straits. On the run in, we typically would have been pushing 30 mph, but with a headwind, we were getting beat down. Rolling thru, it was just constant pain cave. Coming in, we did not know if we were going to do it. John was keeping official time, and we pushed all the way.
In the end, we did the 100 in 4:03. I think that was a new record. We wanted to bust the 4 hour mark, but come on, 100 miles in a tad over is the stuff!
We were tanked. We had that feeling in the legs, like you are completely full, not cramping, just muscles aching from the efforts all day. Backs sore from being laid over he front of the bikes, grabbing drops all day. Rear ends sore for a lot of the same reason.
Rolling back to Scotties, the heated seats in the Subaru/Fisher car were a welcome friend. We hit Sharkey's before heading out, to scarf down copiuos amounts of goodness to replace somewhat the large amount of calories that the body must have to perform.


"Round 2"

Round 2 of the Friday Night Fights race series is set to go off this evening. The weather is looking beautiful. The primes have jumped up this time with $300 in primes! I told you that the payout may be small, but the primes were going to start stepping up.

Turn out should be good, racing will be fast. Come down, race your event, and then hang around to watch the rest of the races, or hit one of the many restaurants that you will pass on the way in.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Heading to Virginia

TwoUpSports is heading up to Virginia to take part in the Burkes Garden Century on Saturday morning. The route looks to be fairly flat for the first half, then a kick midway, then back flat for the run in. I think it is going to be fun and fast all day.
We will be staying with Kenda Pro Cyclist Scottie Weiss tonight, and seeing as this is his home turf, I look for the man known as "The Energizer Bunny," to have a pretty good go at this ride. There are rumors that the record needs to be broken....Stay tuned to find out if that happens.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Well, from the last post we all know that it was hotter than the devil's playground when we got to KY. It did however cool down to some nice temps the morning of the road race. I had met up with old teammate and good bud Chris Harkey and John Delong the day before the road race to ride over to the course, and watch some of the ladies race, as well as get some openers in. Nothing crazy, just riding. It had been raining that morning, so the ladies had their hands full. Marianne Holt went down in one of the corners to end her day early.
We headed back to the hotel, and got cleaned up.
Next morning, I meet Harkey outside his room at 7:00. Plan was to ride over to the course for warm up and get ready for our 8:00 start. Stacie and Lori were going to drive over for feedzone support.
In my mind, I was hoping to make the podium. Of course I would love to put on the stars and stripes, but being now in the 35-39 field, the competition is fierce, this is basically a pro race, and it felt like one. I have to say that this was the toughest race I have done in a long time. We did 14 laps of the 5 mile course in 2:38!
Early on Michael Olheiser (Look him up, I don't need to go into detail here) took off with two in tow. In tow is right, because he promptly started dropping the baggage off.
I attacked to get with a small chase that was heading out, that looked promising, but it was not to be. From then on it was basically the same scenario, I would try to get away, get in small groups, generally with the same people, and the pack would pull it back. It got frustrating, because leading up to this race, I was feeling pretty good, but I can tell you I suffered all day. I think it was just due to the level of the race.
So the break is gone and we are in the latter part of the race. Coming in on the last lap, I start to feel the cramp in my right leg, but I ride thru and it goes away, but only enough to know that if I push hard on the big hill, that it will lock, so I do what I can to get over, but it cost me position. I needed to be further up before the start finish drag.
On the hill up past the feedzone toward the SF, I moved up some, but I was too far back to really contest a sprint, I just kept digging to limit the losses and try to post a good result.
I ended up 13th for the day. I felt tanked too. Harkey made a late move, that netted him 3rd, so that was cool.
We left promptly, hit the shower and headed to the zoo for some family time. That was nice, because right after the race when my mind starts analyzing, I got fairly ill, but I got over it and we had a good time.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Hot" in Kentucky.

We are hear in Louisville Kentucky and it is "HOT". We have been seeing close to 100 in South Carolina for the last few weeks but when we got here(KY) yesterday it was 102. We left for supper at about 6 and it was a steamy 104. This is a hot like I have never seen before. The heat index is like 115. Today isn't so bad and tomorrow is supposed to be better. That is good cause racing in 100 + degrees makes for long day.

Race is at 8:00 in the morning. We are all geared up and ready to bring home a jersey or at least get on the podium. Fingers crossed. Will keep you posted. You can follow race updates on Twitter at twoupsports.