Saturday, August 28, 2010

Round #2 Friday Night Fights-Go down Swinging!

When this series was named, I envisioned a figurative duking out for the races. Last night did not dissappoint. With anticipations high from the first round of FNF, we were sitting on the edges of our seats hoping the haymakers would be thrown and some good racing would come out of it.
I felt much better this time, things were more relaxed. The pre-reg numbers were up, so logic dictates that the participant turn out would be better. Logic did not lie. We double the participation from the first round, with the Cat4/5 field tripling in size from round one, These guys wanted to fight.
Things kicked off thirty minutes later than last time, which meant racing was going to depend on daylight. City Council had swearing in and those are the people that TwoUpSports has to keep on our side to continue to grow the races into a series that people come to year after year.
On recommendation from some of the racers last round, the start finish line was moved up to the Wachovia bank parking lot, which meant turn four was key and a good strong push was going to be needed to be first across the line.
Cat 4/5 Recap: The first racer were chomping at the bit to get started, so when 6:30 came, they went. Todd Terry got off the front by himself to snatch up a prime, and give it a go, but the field was not having. Everything came down to a sprint finish where David Keesler-Caroina Flyers just edged out Alex Harril for the win. Samuel Velo was third with Peter Mathern and Brian Kaden rounding out the top five.
Masters 35+: As soon as the Cat 4/5 field was finished, the Masters 35+ field was off! Last round Pro 1-2 winner Chris Harkey came down early and decided to contest two categories on Round 2, so the racing in the Masters field was hot and heavy. Punches were thrown, primes were won, but in the end, a late move by Chris Harkey-Subaru/Gary Fisher sealed the deal. Chris built up a substantial lead on teh pack finishing ahead solo for the win. The field though, did not let that discourage them from trying to rip each others legs off in the sprint. Eric Christopherson-Metro Reprograhics and Steve Sperry-Globalbike, went to the mat with the sprint with Eric taking second place with Steve just behind. Greenvilles own Cleve Blackwell-Team Ion Sports/United Healthcare taking fourth and Matt Tebbetts-POA Cycling taking fifth.
Main Event-Pro 1-2-3: Once again as soon as one race was over, the guys lined up to race again. This was going to be good. With the highest priced primes of the night, and a field that held some heavy hitters, this was going to be a good race. The guys did not dissappoint. Early on moves went but would get pulled back. The first move to really get some steam was Nick Fishbein-Subaru/Gary Fisher, taking off to grab a prime. He kept the steam rolling, and was joined by Isaac Enderline after Isaac put in an attack that will soon have the D.O.T. out to check the condition of the road surface..Rip It! is an understatment. The two joined forces, but the pack was hungry and they were soon pulled back. Demaine Cyclings Julian Cabra and Adan Escabar both put in majors punches to try and shake things up, but both were brought back. Things started to get interesting when the group split, the front group carrying some of the major hitters and the chase group trying to pull back. In the end, Chris Harkey put in a move to grab the $75 gamblers prime, and that move sealed the deal. Chris kept the motor rolling the wheels turning to take his second win of the night ahead of the pack. Marc Velo was second, with early breakman Nick Fishbein taking third. Rounding out the top ten were:
Isaac Enderline-Atlantic Velo-Virginia
Julian Cabra-Demaine Cycling
Adam Britton-Team Ville
Richard Bailey-Team Ville
Peter Kay-Team Globalbike
Simon Bennet
Adan Escobar-Demaine Cycling.

I hope all who came out enjoyed the racing, keep your eyes open for next season schedule.


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