Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Well, from the last post we all know that it was hotter than the devil's playground when we got to KY. It did however cool down to some nice temps the morning of the road race. I had met up with old teammate and good bud Chris Harkey and John Delong the day before the road race to ride over to the course, and watch some of the ladies race, as well as get some openers in. Nothing crazy, just riding. It had been raining that morning, so the ladies had their hands full. Marianne Holt went down in one of the corners to end her day early.
We headed back to the hotel, and got cleaned up.
Next morning, I meet Harkey outside his room at 7:00. Plan was to ride over to the course for warm up and get ready for our 8:00 start. Stacie and Lori were going to drive over for feedzone support.
In my mind, I was hoping to make the podium. Of course I would love to put on the stars and stripes, but being now in the 35-39 field, the competition is fierce, this is basically a pro race, and it felt like one. I have to say that this was the toughest race I have done in a long time. We did 14 laps of the 5 mile course in 2:38!
Early on Michael Olheiser (Look him up, I don't need to go into detail here) took off with two in tow. In tow is right, because he promptly started dropping the baggage off.
I attacked to get with a small chase that was heading out, that looked promising, but it was not to be. From then on it was basically the same scenario, I would try to get away, get in small groups, generally with the same people, and the pack would pull it back. It got frustrating, because leading up to this race, I was feeling pretty good, but I can tell you I suffered all day. I think it was just due to the level of the race.
So the break is gone and we are in the latter part of the race. Coming in on the last lap, I start to feel the cramp in my right leg, but I ride thru and it goes away, but only enough to know that if I push hard on the big hill, that it will lock, so I do what I can to get over, but it cost me position. I needed to be further up before the start finish drag.
On the hill up past the feedzone toward the SF, I moved up some, but I was too far back to really contest a sprint, I just kept digging to limit the losses and try to post a good result.
I ended up 13th for the day. I felt tanked too. Harkey made a late move, that netted him 3rd, so that was cool.
We left promptly, hit the shower and headed to the zoo for some family time. That was nice, because right after the race when my mind starts analyzing, I got fairly ill, but I got over it and we had a good time.


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